We are two individuals working freelance in our own specialisms who have joined forces to provide a web design service for a few select clients. We are based in the East of England but are happy to consider commissions from anywhere. Our web development work is now exclusively based on use of the Backdrop content management system because we believe this offers an ideal solution for small to medium organisations who need a site that is easy for them to keep up-to-date with new content.

Our philosophy

A website can be for many things. In many cases its primary role is to provide clear communication, using well-written plain English set out attractively on the screen. Ease of use is vital: both for visitors to the site and for content editors. We aim to provide clear navigation with intuitive placing of information.

Our complementary backgrounds as publications editor and website developer enable us to meet the needs of the small organisation in a personal and professional way.

Open source

We are committed to the use of open source software for creating and running websites. There is a bewildering number of technical solutions available and by working with one of the best we can lower the cost of ownership and provide a rapid and flexible response to our clients. We share the benefits of the work of an international team of experts.



Catherine has many years of experience as a writer and editor and now works freelance. She has a keen interest in books, particularly fiction, and can often be found in our local Browsers Bookshop where she works part time as Promotions and Events Manager. Her website is at www.catherinelarner.com.


After a career in telecommunications research and development Graham took to website development over 20 years ago when asked by an acquaintance whether he could provide some help. Always one for a technical challenge he was soon engrossed in the world of HTML, CSS etc.

After some years of experience with the Drupal content management system, he now uses the new Backdrop CMS and is a member of that open-source collaboration www.backdropcms.org, occasionally writing about his experiences at www.oliverweb.net.